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Perfumes Without Musk

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Perfumes Without Musk

perfumes without musk

If you’re avoiding musk in your perfume, you can try these five scents: Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Creed GIT, and Cartier Roadster. All of these scents contain floral notes that soften and calm your nerves. The musk ensures a long-lasting skin scent, and both the brown sugar and aquatic notes are exclusive and tangy.

Yves Saint Laurent

If you’re looking for an exhilarating fragrance without musk, look no further than YSL’s Exquisite Musk. This rich scent blends floral, spicy, and woody notes in one powerful blend. The top note of Exquisite Musk is zesty ginger, while the middle notes are cinnamon and nutmeg. Musk, benzoin, and patchouli comprise the base notes.

Yves Saint Laurent is known for its bold floral fragrances. ‘Freedom’ features notes of lavender, orange blossom, and musk accord. Another popular fragrance is ‘Black Opium,’ which features notes of coffee, white flowers, vanilla, and musk. If musk is not your thing, you can find a few other ‘no musk’ scents that are similar, and some that aren’t.


If you’re looking for a new fragrance that doesn’t include musk, consider the eponymous fragrance by Chanel. This private collection scent is deceptively simple and has top notes of bergamot, aldehyde, and pineapple that mix with floral and spicy notes in the middle. At its base, you’ll find vetiver, sandalwood, and vanilla. The scent is moderately long-lasting, leaving a soft trail.

A new scent was recently launched by the brand, Chanel No 5 L’Eau, which was created specifically for women in their 20s and thirties. It opens with a fresh citrus-floral accord, which is followed by a soapy base. The floral heart reveals hints of jasmine, rose, and orange blossom. The fragrance is so fresh and bright, you might not even notice it’s made for hot weather!

Creed GIT

If you’re not into musk, Creed GIT Perfumes Without Musk may be for you. These fragrances are for men, and don’t have any musk. Instead, they have a fresh, urban scent. Aventus was Creed’s most successful men’s fragrance when it launched in 2010. The brand’s Aventus Cologne debuted in May 2019, garnering worldwide recognition and awards from GQ and Selfridges.

If musk turns you off, try Creed GIT, a non-musky scent. Unlike its musk-laden counterpart, GIT features fresh, woody notes, and pure masculinity. Its scent is versatile enough to wear all day long and is suitable for both sexes. It also contains notes of violet and iris, which make it a great option for the summer.

Cartier Roadster

The Roadster is one of the more iconic and classic men’s fragrances from Cartier. Released in 2005, this scent was the house perfumer’s first masculine pillar. Its name and packaging take inspiration from the classic car fender, and the fragrance itself is composed in an old-school manner, recalling 50s automobile fragrances. Its rich, woody aroma is not overpowered by musk.

The scents come in an array of sweet to sultry aromas. There is a perfume for every mood and style. Whether you want to feel feminine or masculine, Cartier has a fragrance for you. The fragrances are reminiscent of the 1980s, with florals and spices blending together. There are three different fragrances to choose from: a woody-spicy scent, a light floral scent, and a fresh, fruity aroma.


The Nemat fragrances are blended in the USA, using exotic essential oils and fragrance ingredients from around the world. The fragrance oil begins as a light, airy scent that becomes more pronounced as it is worn. Nemat perfumes are alcohol free, and the fragrance lasts all day, even when the wearer does not wear any clothing or accessories. They have received positive reviews from many Perfumes Without Musk and have been found in various chain stores and on-line outlets.

The renowned fragrance house has been making fragrances for 160 years, and is gaining a following of perfume enthusiasts. A Toronto-based writer named Tracy Wan recommended the Nemat roll-on oil in her Notes book. She described it as “pure sorcery”, “white musk,” and “laundry scent.”

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